In IVF treatment, embryo development is known by all experts as the most important stage of the process. In this process, the behavior of the embryo and the division of cells should be smooth and this has a great effect on pregnancy development. In the standard incubator systems where embryos are stored, only the fertlisation of the embryo and the final stage can be observed, therefore development stages are not seen and the embryos which are thought to be the most developed are transferred to the mother.
As explained above, in general, the most common problem that people face in IVF treatment is not knowing which embryos will result in pregnancy. Therefore for couples who have only one chance, especially for older patients, who do not have the reserve or quality of the eggs that will to try again, selecting the right embryo to become pregnant is vital.
Cyprus Miracle IVF by Dr. Firdevs, use the most innovative and precise incubator for couples who want to have children via IVF. 
With the continuous embryo monitoring system called EmbryoScope, which is used in our centre, the FIRST ın CYPRUS, the development of embryos is monitored at every moment and it is easy to know which embryo will result in a successful pregnancy. A special incubator with a continuous monitoring system and uterus like conditions is literally life-saving for couples.

How does EmbryoScope® work?

In a case where a large number of embryos were obtained, the embryos were transferred to the mother's womb, according to a one-time observation at the beginning of development and on transfer day. In these cases, it was not known which embryo showed better development and the IVF process could result in failure. Couples also thought that the next IVF cycles would have the same negative outcome.
Now, thanks to the NEW EmbryoScope system, couples no longer have such negative thoughts. All the changes in embryos are followed by a special microscope and camera system. During this observation, the negative effects of the external environmental changes on the embryo are also prevented, as the entire development phase of the embryo is completely blocked from white light. The filter system, which ensures that the air inside the incubator is constantly clean, is also among the features that protect the embryo. Thus, adverse conditions such as gas and temperature changes and direct exposure to light do not affect embryos.
The embryos are examined in detail without disturbing them, the images taken are examined in detail, the cell division in the embryo are observed allowing us transfer the embryos most likely to result in pregnancy. 
Couples who have had failures due to embryo quality in their previous treatments, who come to Cyprus Miracle IVF, have succeeded in increasing the chance of pregnancy by using this advanced embryo incubator. Due to 24 hour observation of the embryos, the time of division is determined precisely. Another important point here is risks that may arise due to human error are reduced to zero.

Advantages of EmbryoScope Time Lapse System

  • Improved IVF success rates through better embryo selection with undisturbed stable incubation system.

  • EmbryoScope's time-lapse technology reduces observational time restrictions and stress to embryos during culture and assessment. With undisturbed culture that imitates the internal conditions of the uterus and continuous monitoring, improved selection process through a more precise and objective analysis.

  • EmbryoScope is the latest technology currently available on the market that enables a stable culture environment for embryos. Temperature is tightly regulated by direct heat contact and air is continuously purified through special filters that provides incredibly stable culture conditions like those in the human body.

  • Constant time-lapse monitoring. The culture conditions are kept constant because the embryos are always inside the incubator and with the special integrated camera that monitors and records 24 hours a day, we avoid extracting the embryo to see how it is developing, which greatly reduces the stress experienced by the embryos.

  • It provides precise information about the embryo division and development process which is not available using a conventional incubator. With the information obtained from EmbryoScope, together with the stable and undisturbed culture, it allows embryos with the highest chance of success to be chosen. 

  • Improves implantation rate by up to 20%. The use of EmbryoScope time-lapse system, significantly improves live birth rates.

  • Reduced pregnancy loss. Selecting the embryo with highest chance for implantation also means reducing the percentage of early pregnancy loss due to embryo quality. 

Unlike other standard incubators, there are limited spaces in the Embryoscope, so if you desire to follow your embryos via daily updates from EmbryoScope, you need to reserve your place in advance. 

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