Immune Therapy

Some immune-based conditions make embryo implantation incredibly difficult which can result in a negative IVF cycle or early miscarriage. We use immune therapy to supress the immune system which allows the embryo to implant without being attacked by the mother's antibodies.
Immune therapy is used successfully at Cyprus Miracle IVF by Dr. Firdevs. Many women are not aware of any immune-based conditions but repeated unsuccessful IVF cycles and miscarriages in women mostly occur because of immunological issues.

How is Immune Therapy Performed?

As we start IVF treatment on the mother, the serum treatment is administered in accordance to the severity of the mother's condition. In some cases it is necessary to start the therapy on the day of egg collection and it then continues on embryo transfer day but most patients only require 1 dose on embryo transfer day. The serum is adminstered via an IV drip into the vein and the treatment is continued with tablets until the baby's heart beats.

Who can Benefit from Immune Therapy?

  • Women who have suffered recurring IVF failures
  • Women who have suffered repeated early miscarriage for unknown reasons
  • Women who have a history of severe disease, such as cancer.

Immune treatment is a non expensive addition to our IVF packages and we obtain healthy pregnancies in about 80% of our patients who use it.

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