imsiHigh pregnancy rates even with weak sperm cells!

We use the Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Sperm Injection (IMSI) technique to select the best sperm cells. Using a a very powerful magnifying light microscope it helps to provide the highest pregnancy rates. With this special technique, morphologically speaking, the most powerful sperm are selected individually within the sperm sample.
In standard techniques, classic microscopes with approximately 400-600 times magnification are used for the selecting of sperm. In the IMSI technique, each sperm cell is magnified more than 6000 times, using a reverse light microscope equipped with high-power optics, meaning that each sperm cell is examined in detail including the nucleus where the genetic material is found. 
Medical research show that with IMSI sperm quality problems are largely resolved and therefore, compared with conventional IVF treatments; IMSI dramatically increases pregnancy rates in IVF treatments and miscarriage due to low sperm quality is decreasing. 
Using the IMSI technique, the size and shape of the sperm head is measured individually, and abnormalities in the sperm are clearly seen. With the detection of abnormalities that are not likely to seen with standard microscopes, such as DNA damage in the sperm, the injection of damaged sperm into the egg is prevented. Thus preventing the development of abnormal embryos. The IMSI system is a unique technology that combines the criteria of the MSOME and Kruger. 

Who should have IMSI?

  • Men who have morphologically (structural) abnormal sperm cells in a high percentage.
  • Men with low sperm count.
  • Men who have DNA damage in their sperm.
  • Men who cannot conceive due to age factors. 
  • Men who smoke or drink in high quantities.
  • Couples with recurring failed IVF treatments relating to sperm quality.
  • Couples who suffer recurring miscarriages even though there is no problem with the structure of the eggs.
  • Couples who want to increase the chance of fertilisation due to a decreasing number of eggs.

Advantages of IMSI 

  • Choosing the best sperm cell instantly.
  • Detection of sperm abnormalities by enlarging each sperm more than 6000 times.
  • With faster analysis, we can perform microinjection (ICSI) much faster too.
  • Minimum waiting time for ICSI by preventing time lost in manual sperm selection.
  • Improved embryo development.
  • Increased pregnancy rates with increased fertilisation rates in IVF treatments even with weak sperm cells.
  • Prevention of sperm damage.
  • Images can be shared with couples for detailed information.
  • Studies show conclusively that in vitro fertilisation treatments performed by selecting the best sperm using IMSI provides better embryo development, much higher pregnancy rates and less miscarriages. 

The IMSI technique is ONLY performed by Miracle IVF Cyprus in North Cyprus.

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