Microchip & Ultimate Chip

The Most Accurate Sperm Selection with Microchip Technology

At least 50% of fertility-related problems are known to be caused by the man. Problems such as low sperm counts, low sperm mobility or low sperm quality, can seriously affect the chances of natural pregnancy and even IVF treatments. In recent years the microchip method was developed by a scientist at Harvard, and has been implemented by forward thinking IVF clinics. Microchip technology has prevented early misscarriage due to sperm quality.

Both Microchip and the Ultimate Chip (used for sperm counts under 5 million) are successfully performed at Cyprus Miracle IVF by Dr. Firdevs.

What is Microchip?

There are many different methods for the search for live and healthy sperm cells. These methods along with developing technologies, are providing more effective results everyday. Among these methods, the two that are showing the highest increasing rate of success are Microchip and IMSI technologies. With these technologies we obtain healthy pregnancies and births, even with sperm cells that are very weak and were previously unlikely to develop into pregnancy.

With Microchip Technology:

  • Healthy sperm cells are distinguished from the less healthy sperm.
  • Microchips, also known as sperm chips, are made up of micro-channels of female hormones that enable the selection of the best quality sperm. With these sperm chips the sperm is able to perform as if in the natural environment.
  • In terms of DNA, healthy and high quality sperm are collected on one side and on the other side are unhealthy sperm whose DNA is damaged.
  • With unhealthy sperm eliminated from the treatment, the risk of miscarriage due to poor sperm quality is reduced to zero.
  • As the DNA structure of the embryo is healthy and strong the chances of implantation increases, and the chance of pregnancy increases exponentially.

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