Egg Donation

In recent years, women may be exposed to early menopause due to stress factors, surgery, or genetic reasons. Hormonal problems or severe treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc.) or for women who cannot get a positive result from standard IVF treatments due to low egg quality, or lack of eggs, egg donation treatment is a real miracle. With our egg donation treatment in Cyprus, women, regardless of their condition, can easily become mothers even if they are in menopause.

What Is Egg Donation treatment?

For a healthy embriyo and a healthy baby, 3 important factors are needed.

  1. Healthy egg cells
  2. Healthy sperm cells
  3. Healthy uterus

Egg donation is an IVF treatment with donor eggs especially for woman who have problems with the factors listed above. If any of the above factors are missing or insufficient, pregnancy or childbirth may not be possible. These conditions can develop at birth or later, and may leave couples who want to have children with a difficulty. In cases where healthy egg cells are not present, IVF treatment is performed with egg donation.

Egg donors are selected in accordance with the mother's origin, mother’s physical characteristics and blood group, etc. The egg cells collected from the selected donor and fertilised with the father’s sperm cells in the laboratory environment and the embryos are transferred to the mother after reaching a certain stage in development.

How are we so Successful at Egg Donation treatment?

  • Our specialist, Dr. Firdevs is involved in each stage of treatment, from the beginning to the end, including the laboratory stages.
  • The follicle development of the donor is monitored by Dr. Firdevs. This way, we can guarantee our patients at least 10 healthy eggs.
  • Egg donors are selected from young and healthy individuals in the 20-26 age range, who have given birth or from whom we have obtained a healthy pregnancy and birth before.
  • We know that a mother's psychology is one of the key points in this process. With the guidance and psychological support of our experienced senior patient coordinator, Irem Berk, our patients are able to deal with this process more easily, and build a beautiful long lasting friendship.

Who is Eligible for Egg Donation treatment?

  • Women who are in menopause
  • Women who have delayed their pregnancy due to the career plans, late marriages, and therefore have weakened or completely lost egg cells
  • Women who have had an early menopause due to genetic inheritance, stress, and inherited diseases
  • Women who do not have or are deficient in the production of eggs, even though the uterine tissue is smooth.
  • Women with congenital reproductive problems, such as Turner or Mosaic Turner Syndrome
  • Women who have lost their egg cells and who undergo menopause because they are exposed to heavy doses of chemotherapy
  • Women who have genetic disease that can be inherited by the baby (Hemophilia, Huntington's, Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy, etc.)
  • Women who have removed all or a large proportion of their ovaries due to surgery.

How We Choose Egg Donors:

There are certain rules and criteria for being an egg donor. People who do not meet these criteria are not considered to be egg donors. The infectious disease status, physical and psychological status of the donor, the immune system is analyzed by various tests and if deemed appropriate by specialist physicians, she is considered to be an egg donor. The reason for this procedure is to prevent any possible problems after egg donation. This way a healthy treatment process can be provided.

In our IVF treatment with egg donation, the egg donor is selected from healthy and productive women within the age range of 20-26 years. All testing of donors are carried out by us with great care.

Main tests for egg donors:

Physical structure: Physical characteristics of the donor should not be overbearing i.e a big nose, big eyes etc. Body proportions should be standard. She should not be over or under weight.

Genetic: the donor's genetic tests are carried out and family history is examined in terms of genetics. The blood cells are also examined.

Infectious Diseases: comprehensive tests are carried out to ensure that the egg donor does not carry any infectious diseases. In addition to HIV and hepatitis tests, inherited diseases such as thalassemia and cystic fibrosis etc. that may pass from the donor to the baby are are screened for.

Gynecological evaluation: the donor's egg reserve, egg quality, reproductive capacity, ultrasounds and blood tests are evaluated.

Psychological evaluation: a potential egg donor is evaluated in detail. Panic attacks for example, are usually accompanied by a physical or mental impairment.

Intelligence assessment: the intelligence levels of donors must be normal or higher. University and equivalent levels are preferred.

With our egg donation treatment, the egg donor is chosen from our large donor pool according to the physical characteristics of the mother and her blood group, ethnic origin etc. During this selection period, the mother can also choose the donor that she thinks is most suitable based on her educational status or other factors.

Stages Of Egg Donation

As described above, egg donation is an IVF-like treatment method that is preferred in situations where the mother has no eggs or they are not sufficient for pregnancy. In this treatment, the egg is collected from the donor and the sperm of the father is used to fertilise the egg and a healthy embryo is formed. The resulting embryo is transferred to the mother and pregnancy is achieved. However, this treatment method ism not the same as regular IVF.

Stages of the egg donation treatment at Miracle IVF by Dr. Firdevs are listed as follows.

Meeting couples: treatment is started by meeting couples face to face at our centre, or by phone or e-mail. During this interview, our experienced patient coordinators and Dr. Firdevs, note the treatment history and detailed characteristics of the couple are reecorded so the treatment plan can be created. Tests and other preparations are performed. Our experienced patient coordinators continuously provides psychological support to couples in the decision-making and preparation processes for egg donation treatment in Cyprus.

Egg donors are selected by our specialist Dr. Firdevs, according to the information received from the couples such as ethnic identities, physical characteristics, dominant characteristics, blood groups etc. The information about the donor, once selected can be shared with the couple. After the approval of the couple, the final decision is made by completing comprehensive tests and checks of the donor.

The preparation of the mother and the egg donor: As we always do a fresh cycle (collect fresh eggs), preparations of the mother and the donor are carried out simultaneously. Therefore, the mother's mensturation period is synchronised before the treatment with the use of medication. If the mother is in menopause, this is not required, treatment can be started straight away. As the donor's eggs are developed by Dr. Firdevs, the endometrium of the mother is prepared with medication.

In this process, our patient coordinator Irem Berk assists the mother step by step and ensures a smooth treatment process. This pre-preparation process starts at the 2nd or 3rd day of mother’s and donor’s menstural period and lasts approximately 11-12 days.

Egg collection and fertilisation: after about 12 days of medication treatment, the donor is ready for the egg collection process. All egg cells are fertilised with sperm cells of the father. Since eggs are prepared for one patient, sharing is not allowed so we can guarantee at least 10 healthy eggs for each patient. After fertilisation, the fertilised embryos are left to develop in special incubators. On the same day, the endometrium of the mother is examined and new medications are started to prepare for pregnancy.

Embryo transfer: the last stage of the treatment is embryo transfer. This can be done 3rd or 5th day after fertilisation. The best developed embryos are transferred to the mother in a painless manner, using ultrasound.

A different approach to egg donation: TANDEM Egg Donation

Tandem means together, which is an ideal term for this treatment. Tandem egg donation treatment offers the same method as the egg donation treatment but this time, the mother’s own eggs are used in the treatment too. Women who still have a certain amount of eggs but less than ideal, the method of Tandem egg donation can be applied. Regular IVF treatment stages and the treatment stages of egg donation are carried out together so both the mother’s and the donor’s eggs are developed simultaneously.

Women who still have healthy eggs, even a small amount, maximize their pregnancy chance with tandem egg donation.

The treatment stages described in egg donation are very similar to the treatment stages of tandem egg donation. The egg cells are taken from both the mother and the donor, and the eggs are fertilised separately with the sperm of the father. Quality of both sets of embryos are discussed with the couple and with their approval, the best quality embryos are transferred to the mother. At this stage, depending on the quality of the embryo, the mother can make the choice of transferring only her own embryos, a mixture or just the donor embryos.

100% Confidentiality

At Miracle IVF by Dr. Firdevs, we know that couples that struggle with infertiliy issues are fragile and they often hide their issues, even from their family and close friends. As with any other treatment, patients choosing us for donation treatments, are assured confidentiality above anything else.

We provide 100% confidentiality for our patients as treatment information is not saved, the identity of both parties is completely confidential and it is not possible to obtain by third party individuals.

Cost Of Egg Donation Treatment

The cost of egg donation treatment in Cyprus varies based on several factors. The necessary treatment and medications are determined based on the patient's medical history and requirements.

The cost of egg donation treatment includes all procedures related to it, such as pre-procudure tests, ivf treatment, donor preparation, genetic screening etc. If there is a female factor, such as diminished egg reserve, early menopause, low quality eggs, or lack of eggs due to serious previous cancer treatments, the patient should opt for an egg donation treatment, these can be considered in the cost of egg donation.

Our experienced coordinators are available to guide you through the best possible treatment and the cost of egg donation treatment based on your specific situation. Fill out the contact form for immediate assistance, and one of our coordinators will get back to you as soon as possible.

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