Egg Freezing

Due to successful careers women can find that planning a family happens later in life. Unfortunately, the age of 35, a woman's fertility begins to decline. 

Women who have to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy will suffer a decline in fertility after the treatment as the treatment not only destroys cancerous cells, but also a woman's egg reserve.

In both cases, egg freezing preserves a womans fertility and has become very popular. 

egg freezing

Who Should Consider Egg Freezing?

  • Those who have no immediate plans for pregnancy but are approaching 35.
  • Those who choose to delay pregnancy because of their career path.
  • Those who have to go through Chemotherapy or other radiation therapies.
  • Those who have had or need surgery on their ovaries.

Egg Freezing Process

In order to freeze a woman's eggs, she must go through the first stages of IVF, follicle stimulation and egg collection. After the eggs are collected, they are frozen without being fertilised.

Step by step guide;

  • On the 2nd or 3rd day of the menstrual period, injections are started to develop the woman's follicles. This developmen process can be carried out in the country or city where the woman lives.
  • After about 10 days of injections, there is a final injection.
  • 35 to 36 hours after this final 'trigger' injection, the eggs are collected under sedation in a 15 minute procedure.
  • The collected eggs are examined and the mature ones are frozen for use in the future.

Woman are only required to be in Cyprus for the day of egg collection. The procedure is done in an operating theater, but within 2 hours of the procedure, the woman will be completely recovered and able to continue every day as normal. 

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